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Spring into Home Ownership

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year! It’s a renewed start – the flowers are blooming, air is crisp, and my energy is renewed.

Another thing March makes me think about is luck. There’s St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness, and the incredible Cinderella stories involved. In this real estate market, however, luck doesn’t seem to exist. To reach any real estate goal, you need a plan! You might be thinking, “Plan?! I don’t even have a plan!” Thankfully, March is also known as Credit Education Month! I’ve put together a roadmap, so you know exactly what to include in your plan if you’re looking to buy real estate this year.

Your Road Map to Real Estate:

Check your credit score (if needed, work on improving it).
Start saving for the home buying process. Look into down payment assistance programs or first time buyer programs that can save you money in the home buying process. Once you know how much you need to put down, you can make a plan to save for that and other expenses in the home buying process.
Start an emergency fund! This is super important to have for peace of mind with homeownership. While it’s a great investment, you want to make sure you have some money in the bank for emergencies.
Bonus Tip: If you struggle to put money in a savings account, set up an automatic withdrawal from your personal checking account so you don’t even have to think about it!

Cheers to not relying on luck!

Your March Homeowner Checklist:

? Wash linens (think all of those blankets lying around, stuffed in the closet, draped over the couch)

? Wash windows and put on screens (If you’re thinking of selling this Spring, remove the screens for increased natural light and better listing photos)

? Spot clean your furniture

? Swap out your front door mat for Spring

? Flip your mattresses

? Spring Clean the kitchen: Clean kitchen backsplash, wipe down cabinets and clean under appliances

? Organize the pantry & throw out expired products

? Clean mirrors and lamps

? Get ready for Tax Season

? Spring clean your yard & plan to plant (Flowers, Gardens, Trees)