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Campbell County, VA – Constantly Growing

What began as a frontier settlement and agricultural community has grown into a center for industrial manufacturing with suburban neighborhoods and rural homes. However the country and the world are growing and changing, Campbell County grows and changes with them. From the small local store to the large industry, the business owners in Campbell County, VA are committed to constantly improving the quality of life and economic development for local residents. If you are new to the area and starting to search for a new Campbell County, VA property, we can help introduce you to the area.  

Campbell County, VA – Maintaining its Beauty and Diversity

Being nestled in the foothills of the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, gives Campbell County a beautiful setting. The 511 square miles of space in Campbell County includes the towns of Altavista and Brookneal. Along with the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, residents can enjoy the picturesque Staunton River to the south. If you are relocating to Campbell County, VA, the scenery from the mountains, river, forests, farmlands and parks is not the only thing you will benefit from. Campbell County offers beauty, along with diversity in employment, industry/commerce, recreation, suburban neighborhoods, culture and historic villages and landmarks.

Campbell County, VA – Rich in History

Campbell County is rich in historical significance, as well as a history of hard work and strong family ethics, which makes the area a great place to start and raise a family. The manufacturing history in Campbell County even dates back to the 18th century iron works. When you are looking for homes for sale in Campbell County, VA, you may not be able to purchase one of the famous historic homes in the county, but you can find a home in which to create your own history. The area’s historic homes include:

  • Avoca – home of revolutionary patriot, Colonel Charles Lynch
  • Blenheim – built prior to 1782
  • Green Hill – built in 1797 by Samuel Pannell
  • Plantation Gardens – built in 1790, features American and English Boxwoods 150-180 years old
  • Red Hill – former home and burial place of Patrick Henry (VA’s first Governor and “Voice of the Revolution”)
  • Shady Grove – property inherited by Spotswood Henry (Patrick Henry’s son)
  • White Hall – built by John S. Payne in 1810

For a day or week of historic sites and attractions to visit in Campbell County, mark the following on your list:

  • Brookneal – Chartered in 1802
  • Cat Rock Sluice – an element of the Roanoke Navigational Canal
  • Concord – important railroad stop, 3rd earliest settlement in Campbell County
  • Evington – 2nd oldest settlement in Campbell County
  • Hat Creek – oldest settlement in Campbell County 
  • Gladys – named after a railroad executive’s daughter, once known as “pigeon run”
  • Kanawa Canal – once served as primary source of transportation and business in central VA
  • Leesville – prior to the American Revolution it was a center of trade
  • Naruna – early trade center, mail stop and train stop
  • New London – site of a Revolutionary War arsenal and one of Patrick Henry’s most celebrated cases – The Hook Case
  • Rustburg – county seat village established in 1784 featuring the 1848 Court House (on the National Register of Historic Places)
  • Staunton River (also known as Roanoke River)
  • Leesville Lake- 23,400 acres of recreational activities
  • Timberlake Dam

Great Schools in Campbell County, VA

Campbell County has a fine set of schools for students in the area to attend. The goal of the school system is for “every student to achieve maximum intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth…” Being just 200 miles from the nation’s capital, where educational decisions are made every day, means education is a top priority in Campbell County, VA. Schools serving Campbell County, VA real estate owners include:

  • Altavista Elementary School 
  • Altavista Combined School 
  • Brookneal Elementary School 
  • Brookville Middle School 
  • Brookville High School 
  • Concord Elementary School 
  • Gladys Elementary School 
  • Leesville Road Elementary School 
  • Rustburg Elementary School 
  • Rustburg Middle School 
  • Rustburg High School 
  • Tomahawk Elementary School 
  • Campbell County Technical Center 
  • William Campbell Combined School 
  • Yellow Branch Elementary School 
  • Fray Educational Center

Campbell County, VA Find Your Perfect Home

Come for the day, the week or longer and you will decide to make Campbell County, VA your permanent home. If you are new to the area, starting a home search in Campbell County, VA can be overwhelming. As a Campbell County real estate specialist I can help introduce you to the area. We can work together to narrow down your search for a Campbell County, VA home on the MLS so the entire process can be less stressful. Contact us and we’ll get started on your search.

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